c is for cole


Thursday, December 16, 2010

me and my bears

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my baby pool

what do you do when it is snowy out?

get out the baby pool!

these foam things feel great on my gummies

splish splash

i'm getting really good at sitting up!

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me & mama hangin'

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it is time to play

i'm so excited!
mama's getting out the play mat!

these toys that my great aunt jeanine & great uncle greg got me are the best

they taste pretty good too!

i'm really good at reaching for things now

see roo? he is watching me in action!
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my favorite chew toy

great grandma mema's washcloths

all done!

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welcome to my christmas room

here is a tour of my christmas wonderland.

a christmas bumper & christmas sheet. I like to pat, pat, pat the characters

a tree just my size

garland from my window

christmas pillows & my stuffed animal with santa hats

ho ho ho, merry christmas!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

just call me spike lee

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i love these letters

they feel good on my gummies

and I love to sit up in my tub now!

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getting ready for bath!

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