c is for cole


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

peek a boo

every night before bed we let cole play in his crib (most times naked). tonight bry was sitting in the rocker and said, hi cole. just watch what he does.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

happy seven months {one day late}

here's two months worth of pictures of me since we did a video last month!

things I've done this month:
-roll over really fast!
-love anything with a tag on it (it is my favorite toy)
-love to pat things
-love to give kisses
-love to snuggle with mama at night instead of sleeping!
-trying new foods, although not too interested
-love to watch mama & dada brush their teeth
-switched to disposable diapers because I am a super, super, super soaker!
-love to talk
-love to kick feet
-no longer suck my thumb
-sleep on my belly now
-have crazy hair
-had my six month photos (in the snow!)

looking forward to this next month!