c is for cole


Monday, November 7, 2011

kissing my girl

going in for a kiss

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c is so fun

cole is at a super fun age right now. it seems every day he is learning something new. his favorite activities are playing with his trucks and reading dog books.
his new thing today was saying/singing along the animal noises to the cd we must listen to in the car so he does not throw a fit!
his favorite words are: mama, dada, santo, shoe, TRUCK, beep beep, pie pie {for pineapple}, pease {for please}.
we bought him a potty a few weeks ago but he has yet to actually use it. he stands beside it and pees on the floor instead. his confusion (i think) is that he thinks pee pee is poo poo. he tells us every time he goes poo poo but says pee pee.
i can't believe my baby boy is going to be 18 months in 11 days!!!!

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