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Saturday, July 7, 2012

noah--12 weeks

noah is 12 weeks! i feel like he has been with us forever. we love him so much!

a few things he is doing:
-rolled over at 11 1/2 weeks!
-rolled over to his belly then back at 12 weeks!
-sleeping 6-7 hours at night {woohoo!}
-loves to be worn
-loves to be swaddled when put to bed
-loves a sleep sac once he wakes in the middle of the night--no swaddle
-is happiest in the morning
-coos & smiles often
-kicks his legs a lot
-is starting to grab onto things
-gets scared very easily-
-is very laid back
-a lover!
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so big

cole got another haircut this past week & i think it makes him look so much older. sniff sniff

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Friday, July 6, 2012

new train table

my friend was so generous and gave us her son's train table. needless to say, cole was so excited!

a house i made for him out of a box. he played with it for 2 hours

still playing with his table

he then took everything off the table (4 times) and lined it all up on the floor

and talked to himself the entire time

he was sweating. look how pink his head is!
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