c is for cole


Saturday, March 12, 2011

our first family vacation!

we went to florida! and we have a lot of pictures!

hangin' with dada at the airport

waiting for our plane

helping dada with our luggage

enjoying the fresh air and no socks!

feeling the grass inbetween my chunky toes


dinner at mama & dada's favorite restaurant--island way!

stricking a pose for aunt jen

getting kisses from winnie {look close!}

breakfast on sand key!

meeting uncle chris

giving kisses to mema cheryl

riding in the car--a lot

meeting great-grandpa hageman

and great uncle dick

spending lots of qt with aunt jen & uncle don

strolling in the park

on the beach with mama

crawling in the sand

trying to get to the ocean

walking the beach
slap happy!

lunch with mama & aunt heather!

morning hair

hangin' with dada & uncle ty

I joined the a-team while in florida

last day on the beach and I was sad

we had a wonderful time. we can't wait until next time!