c is for cole


Friday, January 21, 2011

my new motorcycle

I sit up on this pretty well!




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i've got crazy hair!



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cole's new play area

we have a concrete floor in our basement so we quickly added this so cole could play down here.

he loves it!



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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

eight months!

I'm eight months!

I am getting so big! I have just recently started army crawling and I had my two bottom teeth pop through!

these are some of the things I am good at:
-giving kisses to mama {big wet ones}
-patting to music
-sitting up on my car I received for christmas
-smiling at babies
-when focused on something I always have my mouth open
-moving to an object I want
-eating some solids
-sitting up {somewhat} in my big boy tub
-staring at people
-when I am slap-happy, talking very loud

nine months, here I come!

SO big!

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