c is for cole


Thursday, February 10, 2011

morning conversation

cole had a lot to say this morning at breakfast!

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crazy hair!

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scrub a dub dub

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did you know cole is in a band?

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so big!

yesterday morning cole quickly went from crawling to sitting up completely on his own. no more tumbling over, this kid is a pro!

he's so proud!
I am so bummed his face is not completely in focus because I LOVE this picture of him. it is so him. just a happy, happy boy!

here he is, SO BIG!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

pulling up

he's learning how to pull up on this bumper and then grab the crib!

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cole loves this register

he loves to crawl to it and pat it

tonight was hilarious because the heat kicked on

his hair was blowing like he was taking photos for a magazine

he was quite entertained!

i'm a puppy

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playing tricks with my spoon

oh no, I lost it!

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dada's playing tricks on me




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brennan II



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