c is for cole


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

17 months

today our little guy turned 17 months!!!

some of cole's every day things:
-says truck 5000 times a day
-naps about 3 hours after getting up for an hour & 1/2
-goes to bed around 6 and wakes around 6:30-7
-loves to chew books and to read them (or look at pictures)
-loves to give the dogs kisses & the baby in mama's belly
-favorite words: truck, baby, mama, dada, shoe, sock, amen, cheese, hat, go bucks
-loves to be outside
-still wearing size 6-12 month pants but 12-18 month pajamas!
-loves to put on a hat & then look at himself in the mirror
-loves to play peek-a-boo
-loves to be chased.
-any time he hears the word "cheese" he does a cheesy smile. it is the cutest thing ever.
-weighs around 23 pounds.
-no longer uses a bottle OR sippy before bed. he broke this habit in 2 days. woot woot!
-loves to be rocked to sleep at night and mama loves it too. it is the only time he will sit still!
-loves to run

happy 17th month birthday to our sweet baby boy! we love you oh, so much!!